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A story… a family jewel… a stone or a special gift… the starting point comes from you ! And from there, the designer Laura Spiniella will create a new jewel through drawings made with Gouache, a technique widely used in high jewelry, in which she had her first contact in Vicenza - Italy where she studied and fell in love with this millennial traditional craft. 

Today, she continues to improve her art, attending specialized courses in the Paris area such as at the Haute École de Joailerie and L’ecole des Arts Joailliers.

The other great character of the creation are the minerals. They have been a passion in the life of the designer, who has a personal collection handpicked to propose new memories in the form of jewelry.

This is the Signature LA SPINIELLA jewel, a unique and exclusive process.

For more details, information or to make an appointment, send a message in the form below or write to email -

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