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Mini Laura Spiniella
Sommacampagna - Italia
Fernando de Noronha - Brasil / LA SPINIELLA


Of Italian-Brazilian origin, jewelry designer Laura Spiniella moved to France in December 2018.  

After a few years near Paris, the sunny city of Aix-en-Provence has been "the chosen" one for home by the designer, who has the warmth of the sun in her heart! Not to mention of course the Italian origin of Aix ;) 

From Brazil, Laura brought the jewelry brand LA SPINIELLA, and an extensive experience of more than 15 years as a creative director, participating in several fairs and events in the world of Brazilian fashion, in addition to signing collections in Collab at SPFW (Sao Paulo Fashion Week) and to have her jewelry in several international fashion magazines such as VOGUE and BAZAAR.


LA SPINIELLA jewelery reflects this rich universe, combining the color and splendor of minerals with the multicultural creativity of the creator's universe.


There are two main lines: "Signature" where the brand offers personalized jewelry made to order, and the "Prêt-à-porter" line, which are creations that can be found online, in pop-up stores that LA SPINIELLA performs throughout the year, in addition to a personalized service directly with the designer.


Discover… and welcome to the world of LA SPINIELLA!

São Miguel do Gostoso - LA SPINIELLA
LA SPINIELLA - Inspirations
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