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A surreal design with immense creativity, Balança-Balanço Ring features a curved half 925 Sterling Silver band with stunning Citrine and Amethyst gemstone on each end. A revolutionary composition that lets majestic gemstones shine in all their elegance, it has a void on both ends descending towards the band to form a reflection of gemstones.

Finished with Rhodium plating to ensure longevity and safety from allergic reactions, reflect your inner wilderness with this luxurious statement ring.

Product Description

Composition: Silver 925
Plating: Rhodium
Stones: Citrine and Amethyst

Size : 53 FR / 13 BR

Balança-Balanço Ring - Citrine and Amethyst

SKU: APR0013
  • Silver 925 Rhodium

    In order to protect your jewel from the natural oxidation of silver, it is covered with a layer of rhodium (a rare and precious metal) which will guarantee its shine over time and prevent the risk of allergy.

  • Consult our table of international measurements - Size Guide

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