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A marvelous vintage design resulting from tremendous artistry, Marquise Onyx Earrings features beautiful Onyx stones that are set in a sturdy 925 Sterling Silver body. The earrings as a whole only have Onyx stones visible to outside in a prong setting, radiating a mesmerizing view. Black Rhodium plating is applied that not only provides immense durability and longevity but also do wonders when combined with Onyx stones.

Product Description

Composition: Silver 925
Plating: Black rhodium
Stones: Onyx



Marquise Onyx Earrings

  • Silver 925 Rhodium

    In order to protect your jewel from the natural oxidation of silver, it is covered with a layer of rhodium (a rare and precious metal) which will guarantee its shine over time and prevent the risk of allergy.

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